Best herbs for hair growth in your kitchen

If you need the best herbs for hair growth, before you go so far - The first stop for your hair issues should always be your kitchen. Am sure you have heard of this already and you are probably trying to confirm which the best herbs for hair growth are. It is indeed true that some of the products you have in your kitchen will be awesome for your hair. In fact, you could be having many exquisite herbs from India, China and Africa. From shampoo to conditioner and moisturizer, herbs are useful.
What is good for hair growth?
The first precondition for hair growth is to have a healthy diet that contains the useful substances required in the body. Eat more natural products that are easily digested and absorbed in the body such as whole foods, fruits, vegetables and lean meats. At all times, one should have a diet rich in:-
·Proteins and amino acids·Vitamins·Minerals Vitamins for hair growth
There are 10 basic vitamins and minerals required for growth of hair. Various deficiencies can cause hair …

How to grow long natural hair

Hair is an important part of our lives. It is used to convey certain messages about us, our lives and attitudes, our preferences etc. To grow long natural hair, you also need to deal with shedding and the causes of hair falling off. Other factors that affect the rate of hair growth include hygiene, dandruff and thinning. All hair problems can be solved though it takes great commitment to keep looking for solutions until you discover how to grow long natural hair.
One can twist, braid, roll, curl, straighten, or even texturize their hair as they may find fit. Since hair is dead, the various applications of styling and cleansing products do not pain. However, excessive mistreatment of hair could end up causing hair loss or unhealthy hair. Hair that is damaged is usually dull and flaky. It is extremity important to ensure hair is well taken care of in order to maintain a healthy image. All You Will Ever Need To know about Natural Hair
Natural hair is hair that has not been damaged through…

Fantastic DIY Shampoo for Natural Hair

Looking to make your own fantastic DIY shampoo for natural hair? Many naturals prefer to do co-wash instead of regular washing, where they just use conditioner. However, some people find that they are still sensitive to these commercial products no matter how gentle they are. What can you do? At this point, there are only two options left. You can either continue trying more products and deal with the effects as they come, or you can opt to make a DIY shampoo for natural hair. When and why to use Shampoo?
Many people simply co-wash their hair and this is great as it leaves the hair with sufficient oil in the strands. However, in a period on 4-6 weeks, you will still need to use shampoo in order to remove product build up. Conditioners are awesome for cleansing hair yet they do not completely clarify hair. If the build up is left on for too long, it will clog the pores as well as reduce the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. It is a vicious cycle that may leave you with dry and unhealthy…

How often should I wash my natural hair?

I have gone to many forums asking how often should I wash my natural hair? But I did not get any conclusive answer. It is a fact that many people do not know what is underneath their hair. For most people, hair is simply a toy that you play around with, twist, colour and make shapes with to improve your appearance.
Sometimes hair looks so vibrant and full of life that you’d think it will pain to cut it off, but hair is dead! Amazingly, being dead, hair is still capable of responding to treatment, be it good or bad. In addition, it is definitely made from what you eat and so your diet will affect how healthy your hair looks. The products you use will also cause it to respond in one way or the other.
People who swim often may find it necessary to wash hair more frequently than others in order to get rid of the chlorine that is potentially harmful to hair. People who work out and those in menial activities are also more likely to sweat than others who lead an inactive lifestyle. They may …

The Castor Oil Challenge and Review

A few years ago, I came across what i learnt was the castor oil challenge. Castor oil has been hailed by many as having numerous benefits for hair, nails and also the skin. Some of these are the benefits of castor oil for hair growth and thickness, castor oil for natural hair, castor oil for hair regrowth and even castor oil for hair darkening. Then I came across an amazing thought, just when I didn’t know what to do with my hair anymore - The Castor Oil challenge.

Here is my experience with castor oil after I enrolled to the Castor Oil challenge.
I washed my hair and took a photo of the wet hair.I applied castor oil onto the scalp, massaging for about 5 minutes.I mixed some castor oil with my usual hair care products; aloe vera gel, olive oil, and vitamin E oil and a little water. These I put in a spray bottle, to use every morning as I comb my hair.I wash my hair every Saturday and repeat the massage with castor oil.I massage castor oil into my hair after every two days, at night and…